The entry deadline of Spring Fling has been EXTENDED to Wednesday, April 23, 2014!  If you missed the previous deadline, don’t sweat it but, get your paperwork in ASAP!

Per Michael Brooks, trophies will be available at the fields (Abilene National Soccer Complex) this Saturday April 12, 2014.  I apologize for any confusion that may have occurred on my end as I was under the impression they would be delivered to the office.  I assume that the unclaimed trophies will be available at the office after Saturday but, I have not been informed of the date just yet.  I will make that info available as soon as I know!  Thank you for your patience!


Note from Nick Rundell:

Big Country Soccer Association – British Soccer Camp Promotional Event – Saturday 12th April – including FREE Soccer Jersey Offer!

Members of British Soccer staff will be at the Abilene National Soccer Complex on Saturday 12th April from 9am – 4pm. They will be on hand to tell our players and parents more about their popular soccer camp program coming to our community this Summer.
The Big Country Soccer Association British Soccer Camp will take place July 28th – August 1st Abilene National Soccer Complex, 3025 Maple Street, Abilene, TX 79602.

Click here for further info:

Sign up your child up for camp on Saturday 12th April and they can get their FREE British Soccer Jersey there and then! (While stocks last – if size is unavailable then it will be shipped in due course).

Spring Fling Registration is not only open but also coming up on the entry deadline! Entry Forms are due NO LATER than April 18, 2014!

The forms are available both on our website and here at the office!


If you have any questions, please feel free to either message us on Facebook or email us at:!

If you can not make it, please, make an effort to find someone to give your proxy to. The proxy forms are due by THIS Friday at 6pm!

I realize that it is not always easy to make it to every single function we have but, these are important decisions and they should be made by as many people as possible! Don’t give up your chance to have your voice heard!

Just a note that I never really thought about before…the office phone does NOT have call waiting so, if you call and don’t get the answering machine, it’s because I am already on the phone.  Please email or message us on Facebook…at least this way it is guaranteed I will get your message!  Thx!  -Brandy



(This meets the 10 Day Pre-AGM Requirement)


Clay McGuire
Candy Reagan


Michael Brooks
Emily Cole


Angela Carpenter (Un-contested Category)


Kieandra Ramirez
Joshua Strain

President – Clay McGuire
Vice President – Michael Brooks
Treasurer – Angela Carpenter
Secretary – Keiandra Ramirez

These are merely the committee’s recommendations for the nominations that were available at the time. This is no way, shape or form limits your ability to nominate whomever you’d like or run yourself. However, those nominations and letters of intent must be in my hands by tomorrow at 6 pm!

The following people will be serving as the Nomination Committee for the upcoming Board of Directors Election that takes place on April 7, 2014.


Board Member #1:  Candy Reagan

Board Member #2:  Colin Lilly

 Non-Board Member #1:  Robert Frost

Non-Board Member#2:  Kyrie Caron

 Chairperson:  Wes Witemeyer

 Ex-Officio:  Clay McGuire – President

Ex-Officio:  Michael Brooks – Vice President


While these members will be deciding who the Board recommends, this does NOT mean that you can’t nominate your own choices.  Floor Nominations will be accepted until March 21, 2014!  That’s this Friday.


Your nomination must be placed IN WRITING and either hand delivered to the office or emailed to:

Just to try to answer this for everyone that has asked…I do not yet know whether or not games will be cancelled or delayed just yet due to the expected weather.

Because we live in an area where it could be 17 degrees one day and then 80 the next, the decision makers don’t decide till Saturday morning shortly before the first game.

Once the decision is made, they will contact me, I contact the age commissioners and then they contact coaches.  From there, the coaches are to contact parents.  I will also post here and Facebook ( as soon as I am notified. So, check those sources if you feel like you may have missed something!  =o)