BCSA elected officers for next year, and the 2015-16 BCSA officers are:

Candy Reagan

Vice President:
Michael Brooks

Angela Carpenter

Brad Weber

In addition, the proposed by-law change passed.

Thank you to everyone who ran for office and to everyone who came to vote.  These four elected officers are only part of the board. Other board members are appointed, and we need people to get involved and help, even if it is only to attend the meetings or help in one small area — such as fund-raising or field improvements.  We need experienced coaches willing to mentor new coaches.
If you would like to help in any way, email the office at officestaff@bigcountrysoccer.org and let us know.

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British Soccer Camps: July 27th – 31st 2015


Tetra Brazil Soccer Camps: June 29th – July 3rd 2015


For more information visit our Camps page.



Spring 2015 Standings will be posted here each week as well as updated on the Spring 2015 Standings page under the Schedules/Standings menu.


Spring 2015 Standings


Parents, thanks for your patience as we strive to develop a schedule that gives everyone a variety of competitive games. We are working to provide teams with different opponents, so that they do not have to play the same team over and over again. That makes the scheduling a challenge, but we think it is worth it! We hope you will too. Thanks again!

So here they are:


u14boysREVISED — United, Bombers, Abilene Dominators

u14girls — Wolves, Galaxy Girls

u12boys — FC Punishers, Aztecs, TSC, Vipers

u12girls — Thunder, Toros, Cowgirls, Zappers


U6girlswhite  — Fury, Kickin’ Cuties, Pixies, Princess Warriors, Unicorns

U6girlsred — Cheetah Girls, Honey Bees, Kickin’ Daisies, Sweet Cleats, Wambachs


U6boyswhite — Avengers (U5), Fire, Outlaws, Sharks, Thunder (U5), Minions

U6boysred — Captains, FC Hurricanes, Gunners, Ninja Turtles, Raptors, Rockets, Sharknadoes, Knights, Thunder (U6)



U8girls — Razzle Dazzle, Heartbreakers, Bulldogs, Blue Angels, Queen Bees, Pink Widows, Purple Piranhas, Roaring Lions


U8boyswhite — Avengers (U6), Chupacabras, Cobras, Dragons, Ninjas, Wolves

U8boysred — WTX Arsenal, Express, Warriors, Eagles, Crusaders, Titans, Mavericks



U10girlsred — Storm FC, Twisters, AC Sparklers, Abilene Cuties, Mighty Mermaids, Lady New Breed

U10girlswhite — Leopards, Ponies, Wildcats, Kaos

U10girlsblue — Lightning Bugs, Zebras FC, Hot Shots, ATX Angels


U10boysred – ATX Arsenal, Spartans, GI Joes, Celtics, Pirates, Tornadoes

U10boyswhite — Tiger Sharks, Sidekicks, Raptors, Fury, Strikers (U9)

U10boysblue — Hammerheads, Thunder, Pythons, Strikers (U8), Dragons


U12 and U14 DIVISION

See post Above

133 S Leggett Suite 1

Abilene, TX 79605


Fax: 325-676-1448

Office Hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

9AM – 2PM

Congratulations to the following teams, who placed in their divisions for the Fall 2014 season:

U9 Girls:  1st place, Mighty Mermaids; 2nd place, Lady New Breed; 3rd place, Ponies.

U10 Girls: 1st place, Soccer Storm; 2nd place, Twisters.

U12 Girls: 1st place, Thunder; 2nd place, Toros.

U14 Girls: 1st place, Wolves; 2nd place, Galaxy Girls.

U9 Boys: 1st place, Pirates; 2nd place, Tornadoes; 3rd place, Raptors; 4th place, Fury.

10 Boys: 1st place, ATX Arsenal; 2nd place, Spartans; 3rd place G.I. Joes.

U12 Boys: 1st place, FC Punishers; 2nd place, Aztecs.

U14 Boys: 1st place, United; 2nd place, Bombers.

Coaches, you can pick up your trophies at the complex during the tournament this weekend (Friday night from 6-8 p.m. or all day Saturday or Sunday before 4 p.m.)

After that they will be available at the office on Leggett during regular business hours.

For complete final standings, see the Fall 2014 standings under the standings/schedules tab.